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Community Action Agencies

The Business Model for Community Action Agencies

All businesses need to follow a business model, which is the basic mechanism by which a business intends to generate revenue and profits. Even though the objective of non-profit organizations such as your own is not intended to generate a profit, proper use of the business model will contribute to the organization's ability to grow for continued and added service.

The first element of the business model is your customers. Your customer is the center of the business model. For Community Action Agencies, the obvious customer is those individuals to which you provide valuable services. But other vital customers are local, state, or federal sources. Community Action Agencies must creatively expand their customer center with only limited flexibility in operating costs.

But why is this important...

Emerging Issues

In recent years, changes in state and federal laws and regulations have affected the Community Action Agency industry. With the arrival of this "age of accountability", the actions of agency directors and managers have become increasingly subject to close scrutiny by federal agencies, the Inspector General, the General Accounting Office, Congress and the general public.

This period has also seen the implementation of several initiatives which, over time, will enhance Community Action Agencies' fiscal integrity and image.

The mandate is directors and managers must develop, implement and maintain strong systems of both accounting and administrative controls and financial management. These are to be capable of producing reliable and meaningful financial information for management use and auditable financial statements.

As never before, Community Action Agencies' financial managers must do more with fewer resources, and must function in a more efficient, effective and accountable manner.

Clausell & Associates is a 100% minority owned firm. Our personnel can help your agency's management succeed in meeting the demands of these changing times. Many members of Clausell & Associates' staff are experienced in not-for-profit accounting, auditing and financial management consulting. We have experience in representing clients on various matters involving federal audits and cost negotiations.

We can assist your financial management with the following:

  • Financial Audits, Strategies and Studies
  • Head Start Compliance Issues
  • Indirect Cost and Cost Allocation Plans
  • GAAP Studies
  • Corrective Action Plan and Assistance
  • Technical Assistance with Federal Laws and Regulations
  • System Design and Implementation
  • Financial Management System Reviews
  • Financial Management Consulting
  • Maximizing Use of Federal Funds
  • Head Start Budget Planning

Financial Audits, Strategies and Studies

We perform audits for Community Action Agencies. Our audits are conducted in accordance with the "Yellow Book", AICPA standards and OMB Circular A-133. Our audit reports include reports on internal control and compliance.

Other financial strategies and studies include maximizing and improving cash management over various Community Action programs such as:

  • Head Start, Pre-K, Extended Day Care
  • Community Services Block Grant
  • Work First
  • SSBG
  • Commodities Food and Nutrition
  • Aging Programs (e.g., Title III, Title V, Community Care Services, etc.
  • JTPA
  • Other State and Federal Programs

Indirect Cost and Cost Allocation Plans

We provide technical assistance in the evaluation and preparation of indirect cost and cost allocation plans.

Corrective Action Plans and Certification Procedures

We assist Community Action Agencies in resolving issues arising from audits performed by grantors and other auditors.

Technical Assistance with Federal Laws and Regulations

We can provide the following:

  • An assessment of current practices for conformity with federal laws and regulations.
  • Technical and hands-on assistance in establishing new policies, procedures, drafting processing forms, etc., to assure your compliance with federal laws and regulations.

System Design and Implementation

We have in-house capability to design and implement financial management systems using accounting and financial management software packages.

Financial Management Consulting

We provide a wide range of financial management consulting services to Community Action Agencies. Services include:

  • Cost Accounting (e.g., OMB A-110, A-133, and A-122, etc.)
  • Operational and Financial Management
  • Indirect Cost Rates
  • Development of Policies and Procedures
  • Financial Analysis
  • Tax Compliance Issues
  • Matching Compliance Issues

Maximize Use of Federal Funds

We can assist Community Action Agencies in developing and implementing grant close-out procedures to maximize use of federal and state funds including preparation of federal financial reports (e.g., Federal Form 269, Federal Form 272, etc.)

For further information on how we can assist your agency, please feel free to contact us to discuss your present and future needs.

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